I’m out.

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All my wondfos are expired by at least 2 years, the blood hcg test is on Monday. I did try one on the morning if 4dp5dt, it was negative/evap weirdness (there was something, but not where a line should’ve been, also the test didn’t seem set at the end of the five minutes).

I haven’t had it in me to test again. The tests probably aren’t good anymore. I’ll probably just feel more depressed about not being pregnant. I really don’t feel pregnant. I felt all the symptoms earlier, all the cramping, the hormonal weirdness. Now it’s just my normal pms constipation and occasional mild cramps, probably just from that. At least I don’t have the mind-f*ck of being on progesterone this cycle. And the lack of estrogen patches is nice.


Anyway, pretty sure I’m not pregnant. Pretty sure the job will distract me for the next year or so, so I’ll be alright.


Also The Good Place is the best new show I’ve seen in a while.

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So, 2 embryo were transferred. I feel exhausted, because of Valium. I hope the ERA helps things the transfer was a day before it would’ve otherwise been. I’m hoping to have a down-pouring of good luck this month. If so, Friday the 13th may be my lucky day.

My wife will very much want to call it quits if this doesn’t work. I’d agree if my new job doesn’t have good fertility benefits (I’m not sure if it does or not). Paying so much for cycles out of pocket is really hard on the budget, I don’t know how people can afford it.

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Got it

I got the job. 😀

It’ll be a nice pay bump (+50% my current salary), and it’ll put me in a really good position career-wise.

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I’ve made it through about 4 hrs of interviews in the last two days. At my last interview, the interviewer said that she hoped I’d get the job.

So, Friday is going to be quite the day. We’ve got a FET, and I’ll hear back about the job. The FET won’t be scheduled until tomorrow. I hope it’s early enough for the right implantation window (it seems like it’s 5 dpo, and isn’t that when it would normally be anyway? Although my search has yielded some places do FET transfers at 6 dpo, very confusing).

I know it’s greedy, but I want everything to work out. I want the shiny great new job and I want to FINALLY be pregnant.

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This week

So this week, I’ve got: the final interview for a job I’m up for on Tuesday morning (it’d be a big step up career-wise, I don’t expect to get it, I’m happy to have gotten this far), a home visit for the foster teen, and a FET on Friday (time TBD).

Wish me luck!

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ERA take 2 results

So, my results for 6DPO ERA is….




Two thoughts:

1.) At least I know why that first cycle didn’t take, the embryos stood no chance, my uterus wasn’t in a place to accept them.

2.) Now I have to decide if I want to retest or go ahead with the transfer (a day earlier than normally planned).

Apparently being POST-receptive is weird, only 20% of the out of phase results are post-receptive, 80% are pre-receptive. So now to madly Google.

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CD 1 of FET cycle

I’m 90% sure I’m at CD 1 (I was wrong-ish last month, I went in for a CD u/s and they were like “uh you’re lining is 14mm”). Normally I don’t “gush” at all until my period, I only “spot” for a couple days before it. Anyway, Femara’s given me great 14 full day luteal phases (when I took Clomid, I had one that was 11 days).  I really feel like Femara just gives my cycles a little “bump” and makes them what they should be, as so far both have lined up with my most common unmedicated cycle length). I hope that’s a good sign.

I’m procrastinating, and need to work on a code test for the job I really want. The code review is Tuesday, so scheduling this baseline ultrasound should be fun. I should get back to that.

Update: I thought it was the start of my period, hello wacky cycle. Still on 15DPO.

Monday update: okay now it’s cd1.

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ERA take 2

So I had my uterus scrapped again this last Friday. It was more painful that last time, at one point I think I felt my uterus move,  which was weird. Hopefully the Dr got enough this time. On the plus side, I don’t have to pay for it twice.

It looks like the transfer will happen about the same time I’ll find out about if I get a new impressive job I’m applying for (an engineering management training program at my state’s 4th largest, and very generously paying, employer).  I’ve completed two interviews, I have a programming challenge and then an in person interview to go. I’m a team lead now and want to go further up the management chain. If we weren’t in the magical 2-6 month gap after the retrieval and if the ERA itself may not be helping my odds (it counts as an endometrial scratch), I’d probably have preferred to postpone that transfer, but things as they are, this is the best timing wise for our best odds. IVF isn’t cheap.

So yeah, lotsa things in the works.

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ERA results

The results of the ERA are… that my doctor sucked and didn’t take a proper sample. 😦 There wasn’t enough tissue for them to test.


Now I have to decide to either do the transfer this month anyway, or to retest.


Do I just have particularly shitty luck with doctors or what?

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