I’m a thirty-something programmer by day, zoo-keeper by night. I work for a small boring company making exceedingly boring in-house software. By night I live in a very old house with my lovely wife, two cats, puppy, two roommates and I’ve caught glimpses of one of the roommate’s ferrets.  So, yeah, a lot going on. 

I am very nerdy, but finding myself losing interest in things like anime and video games. I am a history nerd and can still recite part of the Aenid in Latin. I occasionally come down with baby rabies, but my wife is very much not on board. She has occasional health issues that sometimes almost consume both of our lives. She is the love of my life and she is one of the people I’m proudest to know, even though she doesn’t understand why I feel that way sometimes.

This blog is basically my cheaper-than-a-copay talk therapy. I get a lot emotionally out of writing.


About DeCaf

Just a code monkey.
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