Dog Park Days


Espresso, much like her name, is full of energy. This picture of her sitting quietly with Mocha isn’t her default. Normally she’d be barking for him to come play with her (which he sometimes obliges).

So I’ve been taking her to the dog park often lately. That’s one of the great things I love about my city. There are public dog parks which are maintained by a nominal fee where dogs and dog owners can socialize and dogs can run wild until they’re sleepy and docile.

When the weather is nice it is really a lovely place to be.


Yesterday the sun was shining and I had my camera with me and so I decided to take a lot of pictures (I apologize for any blurry ones).


When we got there, it was just the two of us. Thankfully another dog was close behind.


An older German Shepard. Dogs are really good at guessing how old each other are and picking playmates close in age. BTW- one of the great things about my favorite dog park is that there are “community bowls” that everyone brings water for. I try to bring water every few times I go. This is very important when it’s in the nineties and above.

Thankfully more dogs came and a few of them were closer to Espresso’s age (11 months)








There were even a few Great Danes there by the end. BTW I love the names people pick for their Danes: Kingsly, Norman, Kenzie, Twigy, etc.  If our house didn’t have wood floors and steps, it might be fun to consider getting a Dane mix as our next dog.



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