Caffeine and me


Growing up, I was a caffeine-free kid. That was probably a good thing, as it’s unlikely my Ritalin-addled brain needed another stimulant.  I was always told that caffeine would stunt my growth. Because I had a slightly younger sibling, my height was very important to me, it was one of few advantages I had.  (He did drink caffeine more than I, and he did end up not being much taller than me, and I’m not particularly tall.)

That changed when I turned 16 and began working outside the house in the evening. Then black tea (with milk and too much sugar) in the morning got me up in time for school. That may have lead to some of my many adolescent migraines (that’s a whole other post).

In college I found energy drinks to be delicious. There was one by Sobe that was flavored with Dragonfruit that was my favorite. They made me feel jittery and my hands tremble a little, but they were sweet and every one else was drinking them. After college, however I stopped drinking them.

For the past few years I’ve just been a tea drinker. No sugar, no milk. Recently, after a three day stretch of daily migraines I quit caffeine cold turkey.  My wife was amazed when I told her this one Saturday. She had no idea that I had been forgoing tea. This wasn’t just going from 1 to 0 cups a day, it was going from 5-7 cups to none a day.

My wife is a caffeine addict. She can’t function before she has a Diet Pepsi or two in the morning. She buys  Red Bull when she needs to pull an all-nighter or if she’s had insomnia and can’t take the time to nap.

I’ve started to be more concerned about my health. Ever since contracting baby rabies I’ve decided that healthy living is for me- in case we decide a couple years down the line to have a kid.  That being said, I did drink a black tea mix earlier today (curse you bigelow for changing your formula), but it is the only caffeine I will have today, and that little is alright.


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