Nighttime Routines

Now that the puppy has stopped waking up needing cuddles and the weather is finally cooling down (I was born and bred in the North) I’m back to my happy nighttime routine. Many nights I drink soy milk before bed. Why? I’m not sure, I think it helps me fall asleep. Anyway, this normally means that between 2 and 4 am I wake up to pee. Last night was no exception.  I have really good night vision, unlike Latte, so I normally make it to the bathroom and close the door before turning any lights on. 

Greeting me when I had my business done was my boy cat. I didn’t realize before that how he had been missing lately. He meowed and pawed my leg as I went to the refrigerator to drink more soy milk (okay, I may be an addict). I picked him up and carried him back to bed with me. He purred. He hadn’t been appearing lately, probably do to the heat. The cats obviously have fur coats, so they’re notably less cuddly in the hot months, and with temps over 90, lately they’ve been just spreading themselves out over whatever part of the floor is coolest (and far from the puppy) at night. 

But last night I carried him back to bed with me and fell asleep as he smiled and purred lying on my chest. Cats are pretty awesome. I look forward to it being a proper fall and to winter, the puppy will love the snow, and I will be surrounded by cats in my sleep. 


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