The betta fish


This is one of my wife’s favorite tales to tell. It happened in October (2008) right after we moved in together. We had just started living together in Coffeeville, a decent sized city. I moved from Nice Jewish Suburb, and she had moved from Sketchy Neighborhood in Coffeeville. We rented a nice large one bedroom in a brownstone building. There was a coffee shop two the basement of of a apartment building two buildings down. It was nice.

It was also huge (at least 700 sq ft). We had no where near enough furniture/bookshelves/etc for it.  But then again, I feel that there is no such thing as enough bookshelves. I may be a book hoarder. 

Anyway we had a lot of space and ended up getting a number of bookshelves (2 big ones and 1 little one). After a frantic search for curtains, Latte decided that she wanted to do some decorating. After some really awesome Good Will finds, she decided that the maple-colored bookshelf needed a betta fish to decorate it. So we decided to go to Outer Ring Suburb to get one.

During my misspent adolescence I had the misfortune of working at a Wal*Mart. I officially worked in the Toys department but spent most of my time in the Pet Care department, because it had fewer screaming unattended children. Anyway I went there for a betta fish. Sadly Latte didn’t like their selection, she felt they looked “sad” but we did score some cheap Halloween stuff.  So we went to PetsMart next.

Now this was on a Saturday, in the morning, around 10-11 am. It, of course, happened to be a pet adoption day where various rescue groups/shelters brought in animals that were available for adoption.  We didn’t realize it until after we had looked at their rather pathetic selection of betta fish (all of which had damaged fins, and thus to me looked sadder than the Wal*Fish ones) that we noticed people setting up with crates of cats and puppies. We meandered about, Latte fell in love with a black lab named Molly who was perfection incarnate until I reminded her that our apartment did not allow dogs. 

Then we both began to contemplate getting a cat. I had always wanted a cat, ever since I was a child. My dad hated cats and claimed to be allergic, despite a negative skin-prick test. He regularly joked about shooting our neighbors’ cats. So the prospect of getting a cat was appealing. But I, always having to be the practical one, pointed out that we had just moved in together and had only been dating about six months. Latte still remember me bringing that up, and she tells people that that was when she realized that we were going to be together for the long haul. 

Anyway, long story short, here’s a picture of our “betta fish”


He’s a bit bigger now. But he’s always been a lot of love and cuddles. 🙂



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