It’s stressful to be in a marriage with only one income. I want to support my wife, but it’s getting to the point where because of the job change I had to make, we’re getting by each month without much of any buffer. My savings still hasn’t been restored from buying the house, and what’s worse, is we still have some debt from emergencies (dog injury, etc). I had been certain we would have my car paid off by now. We have at least only under a year of payments left on it.

I know she supported me through grad school, but truth be told, I paid a lot of my own way then, taking advantage of federal loans, working as many hours as they would let me, etc. I understand that her mental health makes it hard for her to be functional, but sometimes I feel like I’m never going to get ahead. That on the next three paycheck month, she’ll need it all for some art stuff that won’t work out. I want to believe in her, but the market is very hard to get into and she doesn’t seem to have the energy motivation to do the marketing required. I’d love it if she proved me wrong, but this blog that was started on a whim that I update only on my lunch break has many times more viewers/hits than her art site. She refuses to let me do anything non-technical for the site, so I’m at a loss.

Because of financial concerns, we can’t afford to have fewer roommates, and while we have roommates adopting or fostering or anything is out of the question. It’d be great if she’d just work for money for a few months so we could pay off the car. Or get the credit card bill taken care of. When we wrote out our five year goals, most of hers were about paying off debt/accumulating wealth. I don’t know how doable it is with only one income and someone else who eats out on a regular basis.


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