Odds and Ends

To do:

– Maybe take Puppy to the dog park. Maybe.

– Run longer. (yes, I’ve started running again) 🙂

– Cook dinner

– Plot the rest of my life

I’ve started running again, and it is awesome.  I feel so much better for doing it. I think I’ll try to run ~ 1 mile (because I like to start slow) and then do my yoga. I can feel my body waking up. Back before I got married, I’d run 20-30 minutes a day, I loved it, I lost weight, I had energy, it’s such a great positive feedback loop. The only hard part is to get started and make sure not to stop. During grad school I tried to run again, but I started at 1.5 miles, and couldn’t break free and go further. This time I’m starting slow (under a mile, than a mile, then 1.5, etc) so I hopefully won’t hit a wall. That’s how I had started before I got married, very slowly.

In other news, I’m in love with nutritional yeast. Not only is it delicious for us dairy-free people, it’s also a good way to stealthily start adding extra folate to one’s diet without 1. taking extra random pills or 2. being obviously preparing for anything. Of course all this is the easy part, the hard part is going to be talking the Mrs. into accepting the idea that having a kid is a good idea. She’s going to be going to therapy soon, and hopefully it can help her feel more at peace with her own childhood, which will make her more comfortable with discussing things. *Fingers crossed*


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