Fitness update

I’ve got several post-ideas swimming around in my brain. But for now I’m just going to talk about diet/exercise. I’m a horribly lazy person. Therefore I prefer jogging as my method of exercise. That and yoga, because I sit at a desk all day. Jogging is wonderful because it burns more calories per minute than most of the other options I have available to me. Yoga keeps me out of a chiropractors office. (PS I’m one of those super weird people who hate chiropractors, no offense to anyone intended.)

A couple weeks ago I began getting leg cramps. I added some magnesium to my “take-in-the-morning” pill regiment. Now my legs feel all better and I’ve taken it back out. I also added fish oil supplements. I don’t eat anywhere near enough meat/fish/flaxseed/birdseed to get enough omega 3 fatty acids from my diet (see lazy).

Part of me would like to start cooking more, but I’ll need to look up what can/can’t be frozen. I really hate throwing out food, and I really like the idea of reheating frozen leftovers. I should look into that. 

I’m really thinking about getting one of those smartphones, just so I can look up my random curiosities while at the dog park, since that’s my greatest amount of down-time. 

Speaking of dogs, I did a very bad thing and looked at sperm donor info and I found one whose favorite pet is the same breed as our puppy, it made my heart melt. Maybe I should figure out how I can have the “kids” conversation with Latte. I don’t want to offend her again, last time it was brought up, I think she said things she regrets and I feel bad about how non-empathetic I was to her concerns.

Anyway, today is a great day. 🙂


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