The Drama Llama

Lately MtnDew has just been a lightning rod for drama. First he found out that one of his Exes finally came out to his family. That had been *an issue* in their relationship. They have been broken up for a while (they were together for almost a year but broke up this spring I think), but the new guy already met (some of) the family. 

Coming out sounds like something that shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is, at least if you’re in a relationship. To remain in the closet while dating someone is a slap in the face of the person you’re dating, they are your “dirty little secret” not in a good way. 

Anyway, this last weekend I was hoping MtnDew would get his mind off of the loser and have fun with his friend BabyMama. I wrote about her before.  Anyway it just came out that she, a married mother, had spent the night before we met up with her making out with a guy who is best described as TokenStraight (as that’s kind of what he is, he’s the token straight guy at the gay bar or at the event where there are mostly glbt-identified people). 

Yeah, I was a bit surprised when I learned of it, I knew that she was depressed, and therefore likely a bit self-destructive, but to not just drunken-make-out but repeatedly make-out with and then try to keep in contact via text with another guy, who she admitted she didn’t find very attractive. That’s a special kind of self-destructive. I feel bad for her kid, growing up in a home with that much tension can’t be good.

Also, we are down a cat (he went back home to MtnDew who missed him).


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