Great Weekend!

This has been the best weekend in a very long time. Not sure if life is right…

Latte had a good weekend. Puppy got a lot of outside exercise. Roommate2 basically is fostering FosterCat2. It makes me feel irresponsible, but BoyCat had scratched FosterCat2’s face, so it’s probably for the best if she has her own room. I wonder what she thinks of his ferret? Hmmm…

Also this is second-hand joy, but MtnDew was able to go see Wicked this weekend, which was awesome for him. A friend of his had a couple tickets and he was canceled on by the person he had originally asked (not sure about those circumstances exactly), so he asked MtnDew to go with him, and Wicked is MtnDew’s favorite current musical so, he had a blast. I really am super happy when my friends are happy.

Latte and I talked and goofed around and were genuinely happy together. I was able to tell her that her depression when it’s bad affects our relationship, and she called her dr to get a referral to a shrink. I *love* the doctors at the place she’s going to for mental health. They take her problems seriously and sound incredibly committed to getting her well. She needs that.

We talked about maybe a kid, she expressed her concerns about money, and I agree with them. That being said, she is totally getting baby rabies. She said something about wanting to kidnap our neighbor’s kid. We discussed cloth vs disposable diapers. I told her that if we have a kid, she can have the mom title, I’d find something else. I think her hesitation about kids has been good in a way, as it’s forced me to think a less more selflessly about how we should parent as a team, if we do go the biokid route, I’ve decided I want her to pick the donor herself. It’ll let her have almost as much input into the kids genes as I’ll have. 

I ran for over 5 minutes. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but despite my thin build, I am not a good runner. I always feel like I’m dying when I run. My chest hurts, my throat hurts, and I feel nauseated. When I first started running before I got married, it took a few weeks to work up to running 20 minutes. It was a hard road, but the adrenaline rush of finally being able to do something I’ve never been able to do before kept me going. I don’t have this going now, but I’ve got the goal of wanting to be able to carry a health pregnancy easily. 


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