This Old House

da haus

Last winter


So this is my house. Well it’s an edited version of my house, my real house has an address on the outside, but that feels like a bit much to put on a WordPress site. Sorry would-be stalkers, think of it as a favor, my life is pretty boring and I’m already freely blogging about the most interesting parts so really I’m saving you time. We live in the upper Midwest (hence the snow, we have it much of the year). Fun fact — the major city I live by has one of the highest concentration of LGBT households in the US, but nobody thinks of it as a particularly gay city.

Anyway, about the house, it is old. When we bought it, the date on the registry said something like 1900, which the Realtor explained isn’t actually the date it was built, rather it is the first day the city had the registry. So, yeah, it’s older than all of my grandparents by at least two decades most likely. It has a coal shoot on the side of it, which has been sealed.

We’ve already done a lot of work on it, or rather Latte has. We’ve repainted basically the whole place except maybe for one room. We installed a bathroom in the awkward tiny bedroom that was lacking in a closet (which is a whole other post). We changed the front and back yard a bit, the front more than the back.

Latte turned the front yard into her flower garden, with pink, red, and yellow rosebushes lining the sidewalk. It was gorgeous, but  bittersweet for me, as the yellow roses began to bloom when my grandmother was passing away. I’m sure next year I’ll feel better about them though.

Anyway, the house itself was “modernized” in the 1970s, which is one of the worst things that could happen to an old house. We’ve been working to preserve any original woodwork we can find, but some of it is forever gone (and was replaced with boring weird things – like part of the railing for the upstairs landing, it’s got this wood/plexiglass thing that makes me think “aquarium”).

Anyway, both Latte and I want to work on restoring the house to closer to its former glory (with some changes, since apparently the oven used to be in what is now the dining room). I’m more committed to it being a slow process than she is (she is more of the impatient one, but I’m the one who’ll occasionally go so slowly I stall out).

When I first saw the house I thought “this is where I want to have my family” it is really a home that screams to be used in the way. It’s 1/2 block from an elementary school/public playground. The road is a one-way. And did I mention the playground???

I grew up in bland suburbia, without any nearby playground and frequently without kids my age around. That’s one thing I want to be sure to give my kid, the gift of having playmates around. I grew up kind of weird with a lot of social anxiety issues, I think it may be more due to how I probably spent more time with my folks than with my peers at a certain age, which just isn’t good for kids. Kids need friends and they need to see their friends outside of school.

Anyway that’s where I live. Latte and I both said “we’re never moving again!” after we moved in, and we still feel that way. 🙂


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