Maybe Maybe Baby?

A GLBT group has an annual seminar about “considering family creation” that’s going to be starting next week. I’m thinking of seeing if we can sign up and go. I’m not sure how much worth it it would be. Anyone been to one before?


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2 Responses to Maybe Maybe Baby?

  1. Molly says:

    We went to something like that and found it worthwhile. They had the day broken down into sessions, and you could attend the sessions that interested/were relevant to you. We went to a panel on fostering/adopting through the county, another Q & A style panel with parents who had created their family every possible way–surrogacy, private adoption, public adoption, insemination, etc., and a final panel on sperm banks and insemination/fertility. We learned a lot. This is the general description of the event we went to:

  2. I went to a course, but wished that I had held off until closer to baby making time. The gap between the course and the baby making meant that I had forgotten most of the material by the time we started. BUT it is a great way to start conversation!

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