Not dead yet


I’m mostly recovered from the cold. Well, “recovered” may be too strong of a word given that my nose resembles Niagara Falls. But my energy is back. I’m not sure if I’m up to running or being around people again, but some yoga @ home tonight might be nice. 

In other news, things are going great on the home front. Latte was a very dotting nurse this weekend and last night she mentioned that she’s noticed that I’ve been talking about a baby a lot lately (I mostly wanted to get her opinion about baby wearing and tell her about the dog park baby who made a reappearance). 

Speaking of the dog park baby, I guess I can tell that story- one weekend day I noticed a couple at the dog park and they were wearing a baby. I looked over at the baby, and it looked very young. Apparently it was 9 days old and this was its first adventure outside home/hospital. So, now it’s the dog park baby to me. It’s two months old now, getting bigger. I’m sure next year it’ll be toddling along.

Speaking of dogs, Puppy turns One on Saturday. My mom’s birthday is Friday.

I’m considering just calling her from my Google phone, since it’s an android and I don’t care if she has that number as it doesn’t work outside of wi-fi, which I only have at home.  I didn’t give her my number after it was brought to my attention how unhappy I am after talking to her on a regular basis. She’s the type of mom who will only talk to you about what she’s thinking about at the time, and only talks about trivial stuff, like the weather. She doesn’t really give anyone any room to disagree with her. She doesn’t approve of Latte, and is conservative Catholic.  And she’s also hard to get off the phone and if you avoid her calls she assumes that you’re lying dead in the gutter somewhere. I love my mom, but her having my number got to be too big of a burden. Especially when my cousin is getting married. This particular cousin is everything my mom had wanted me to be. More social, very feminine, into pro-life causes, very conservative, and straight.

She has been excited and happily emailing me stuff about he bridal shower she’s throwing, kind of like how she was all about my brother and SIL when they were about to get married (only one year after Latte and I did). Given that their reaction to my announced engagement was for my dad to emotionally/verbally abuse Latte, and to basically pretend the wedding wasn’t going to happen except for asking all (three) of my homophobic relatives to try to talk me out of it, I’m okay with how things are almost all the time, but when it’s shoved in my face I still feel insulted by it.

But all and all, I feel it reflects much worse on my parents than it reflects on me.


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