You know how I said I was mostly recovered. Apparently I lied, I’m so sick my wife is worried about me. She’s been really sweet, watching Puppy while I lie down and read. I’m going to confess something:

I’ve hit a trend of reading trashy books. It all started with My Miserable Lonely Lesbian Pregnancy. The books title is the first thing wrong with it– it’s a male-less pregnancy (Single moms by choice often go her route, it’s not unique to lesbians). But basically, it came across to me as an overprivileged woman’s whining.  She has money for two nannies after she quits her non-paid job. Her job that was her passion, combined many causes she cared about. She gets pregnant and generally makes an ass of herself to everyone. She even goes so far as to propose to her ex who has moved on, and bitches about all her friends being too self-centered to pamper her, after she spent the first trimester telling them all to go away. 

Now I’ve moved on to Pretty Little Liars. Yes, it is related to the show, but it is even worse. In the show at least the parents are semi-reasonable people who can be related to. In the books they’re mere plot devices. Ella out and out kicks Aria out of the house for not telling her about Byron’s affair. Their only saving grace is the Aria/Ezra affair is short. It weirds me out how on the show that is shown being a reasonable, non-icky relationship. At least the books make him seem creepier, he collects McDonald’s toys, and got busted by the Rosewood police department, thankfully.

For my next book, I’m thinking of either going to my go-to genre that’s respectable, and reading some Agatha Christie or maybe going even trashier with a book that I’ve heard takes self-pity to the next level and read Eat Pray Love.

Or maybe I should try something else entirely.



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