A squirrel and gallbladder


So, there’s a dead squirrel in my yard. It’s body is intact, I need to get it when I get home from work, I haven’t removed it yet because it’s been raining and the only thing grosser than a dead rodent is a wet dead rodent. Our yard seems to collect random junk, I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the guys we share our yard with are both mildly disabled, or if it’s squirrels/hawks, but we’ve found everything from food to pigeon parts in our yard.

So, my wife is the most wonderful wife in the world to me. However, she is also not doing so well. She has been having pain in her upper right side since Sunday evening. She thinks it’s gallbladder, went in for an ultrasound this morning, will hear back from the doctor later today or tomorrow.

She seems to want the surgery for it, I’m less enthusiastic for her to go under the knife. I know it’s safe, but I think diet changes may be better, since after it she’ll need to make many of the changes anyway (which will be sad since she loves pork), and she’s young and everything. Also, it’s not confirmed that it’s the cause, it’s only what Dr. Google thinks, and Dr. Google is kind of a quack.

Last night she said something really sweet to me. She said that she’s sure a lot of people would want my kid. I know it implies that she doesn’t, but I’ll take what I can get for now.


Good news! It’s not gallbladder, but is probably an injury from doing a backbend or could be something else, we’ll know maybe in a few days.


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3 Responses to A squirrel and gallbladder

  1. butchjax says:

    My wife had her gallbladder removed. She was so much better off for it. And she has very little problems with food after. She eats pork without problem. It’s no guarantee that there will be problems after, though I also recommend trying dietary changes first, unless it’s something that needs to be addressed now.

    And hang in there with the emotional stuff. That’s a challenge. Right now our debate is when to tell people once it happens. I want to tell everyone right away! I mean, I already told people we’re getting inseminated, so they’ll be wondering. But she wants to wait for the first trimester to complete. I understand her worry, but I’m not worried, and thus don’t want to wait too long. The key is communication. We keep talking about things so nothing builds up and we can keep working through them. It sounds like you guys keep talking too, and since you aren’t planning to try for a while, this pace will work for you. She’s clearly thinking about it, which means she’s taking it seriously. I suspect she’ll come around, based on my experiences. 🙂

    • DeCaf says:

      I suspect she’ll come around too. Most of her reasons for not wanting a child are reasons that will resolve with time (anxiety about her career and us being able to afford to maintain a certain lifestyle). I’ve learned that when you are coming from an unhappy place or a place of uncertainty the idea of having children is unhappy/unpleasant. When I was closeted and dating a guy I swore up and down that I was childfree, now that I’m in a relationship that’s healthy and feel secure about my future, I think that I have something to offer a child and would like to do so.
      That being said, communication in relationships is hard for me, I tend to think at 1000 mph, try to come up with airtight arguments and are prone to to be competitively debating accidentally rather than actually discussing.

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