Good News Everyone



Latte has no gallstones and is feeling better, despite sniffling constantly. Also, I took care of the squirrel last night (even though it was raining). Latte agreed to come to the dog park with me this evening, which she doesn’t do often.

I guess I should explain something about my happy little family, I am the only licensed driver. Latte knows how to drive, but let her license lapse due to not having a car/having too many parking tickets to pay off at the time. She just has a state photo id currently. Also, she hates being in cars and  I stumbled across some paperwork where she set up an account with a security question about her fear, and apparently it’s “driving.” 

When she was 17 or 18 or so she was in a bad accident, a semi was passing her going 85 MPH and she lost control of her car and it rolled. Compound that by a police who cited her, emergency personnel who wouldn’t let her pee until they collected urine for a drug test; it’s not a happy memory. Also  her father (and grandfather) died in an automobile accident. Oddly all of her car accidents (I think some involved deer) were a topic of conversation on our first date. That and my boss’ childhood pet camel. Yes, I worked for a man who had a pet camel as a kid. He also sailed across the Atlantic Ocean as a youth and went to college at age 12. But anyway, back to driving.

Latte has never driven any cars or trucks in the over five years I’ve known her. She sometimes talks about doing so in the future. Mostly she likes the idea of getting a pickup truck that can run on bio-diesel (we live in a metro area large and liberal enough to support several station that have it) and would be used only for hauling things. In her five year goals she wrote that getting her license back on her list. We’ve paid all of the tickets she had a few years back, but she’d need to study and wants to get lessons first. I have been supportive but not pushing her, so far not much has been done, and given that we’re a one Prius family and she works from home, so there’s not a lot of incentive. 

The dog park is only a bit over a mile away, but it’s a bit of a trek time-wise since you have to cross a few major roads that have long lights. I tend to drive to the park on weekdays, as I am often tired from work. So, at the park, I’m guessing people assume the puppy is more mine than Latte’s, even though it’s about opposite.  I’m more of a cat person, but I do like Puppy a lot definitely. I’m just the one who is always with her at the park. And that’s okay.



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2 Responses to Good News Everyone

  1. Glad to hear to good news!

    A major accident can definitely do it when it comes to driving anxiety. I’ve never been an anxious driver, but I’ve become more hyper alert since my accident last year. It was minor though. Car was totaled but I was okay. If she does have traumatic stress type responses to driving when she does start practicing (panic, flashbacks, intrusive memories of her accidents, rapid heart beat/shallow breathing/tight chest or stomach) it might be worth it and helpful to see a counselor, particularly one trained in a technique called EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). I had a clinical supervisor who was trained in it and helped a friend’s son who was in a car accident. It’s a really interesting technique and it helps reorganize traumatic memories in the brain to integrate the memory and remove the emotional and physiological reactions to triggers of the event (in this case the accidents).

    • DeCaf says:

      I have no idea, she’s never driven at all in the 5+ years I’ve known her. She gets nervous when I’m driving over bridges though. When she decides to bite the bullet and get a learner’s permit (which the state requires at this point I think), we’ll see. It’s good to know what to do if it’s PTSD. 🙂 Thanks.

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