So, Latte’s back to taking Puppy on long walks. I’ve noticed that I tend to not use the names I came up with for the pets. I tend to just describe them, Puppy, BoyCat, GirlCat, FosterCat etc… It seems fair enough. 

Anyway, Latte’s back close to 100% and she’s got therapy starting next week. I’m excited. She knows what she wants out of therapy, I’m confident she’ll get it, and it’ll help relieve stress in our household. She feels a need to revise her life’s goals, previously she had getting a degree as part of that, but she dropped out of college and is very resistant to the idea of going back as she sees little point in getting a degree that doesn’t lead to a job. Right now a lot of her thought process about what to do seems to stem from what would most piss off the family that hurt her when she was growing up.  I think those people are horrible people, but you can’t make too many choices only to anger people who you don’t ever speak with who you haven’t seen in years.

In depressing news, I did some calculations for now much I’d need to make for us to comfortably support a kid. I feel like we’re impossibly far from it. Next month’s a three paycheck month and that’ll help get down our debt, and next May we’ll be done with car payments which’ll be great. But we’ll probably still need to have at least one roommate. Don’t get me wrong, I *like* our roommates, just I understand that having them and a baby would be too crowded. They have the upstairs, and while that’s fine now, I can’t imagine Latte and I sharing the only downstairs bedroom with the kid and not going crazy. 

I kind of regret turning our awkward third upstairs bedroom into a full bathroom. Latte wanted to destroy all of the closet space in the other two rooms to create a 3/4 bath, which wouldn’t have been better (seriously living without closets is a form of torture).

I should’ve insisted that we take longer to think about it. Now I think we should’ve turned the nook into a half bath and just learned to make due with one bathtub for the house. Latte rushes me into bad decisions a bit, she’s very go-go-go. I’m more of someone who likes to spend a couple hours thinking of the best solution. This means I tend to inertia, but she tends to waste. I’m not saying my way is superior at all, as spending a couple hours figuring out what to order at Noodles and Company is an insane waste of time.


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2 Responses to Recovered

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hopefully in most things, you meet in the middle, and your slow-to-decide coupled with her “go go go” is a good combination!

    • DeCaf says:

      Things mostly go in the middle, when they don’t, either bad things can happen (San Francisco) or nothing happens.I tend to think nothing happening is sometimes the best option, but her urgency really does bring out a good side of me sometimes.

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