My Evening (A Rant)

Last night I had plans. There was a sink full of dishes waiting for me to do them at home.  (Also, we seem to be down a good number of bowls. I have no idea why we only have one white bowl when we had at least four before. I suspect if we raided the roommates’ rooms we’d find them.) 

There’s also a lot of cleaning I want to get done, Our downstairs bathroom still hasn’t recovered from the sculpture (don’t ask). And we have had random window hardware sitting in a jar of cleaning solution on the sink for weeks. And I didn’t do the cat litter last time I took the trash out, so that probably needs to be done. Not to mention I needed to shower and had other grooming concerns to address. Basically I’m a mammal but don’t like everywhere that I grow hair, and I need to address that every couple of days or every day, since I’m pale and my hair is dark.

And this week at work has been stressful because of random problems that are caused by things that I’m not sure if they’re in my control or out of my control. 

Anyway, yesterday evening was a evening I had crap to get done. But as soon as I got home, I was given Puppy duty. I ate as quickly as possible, cereal, and took the dog on a walk in the rain. Latte had said she would give Puppy a longer walk later (disclaimer: that didn’t happen).

Because I am finally 100% better and Latte is better to so I don’t feel like making her watch Puppy when  she’s sick, I was able to do some yoga. So I just changed for that and MtnDew called and invited us over for one last hurrah in his apartment before he moves (despite the fact that it’s a couple weeks away). I weakly offered to give Latte a ride so she could go. She wasn’t having any of it. I had to go too, although I was able to do yoga. But still… 

I get that I’m not the most social, especially when plans are sprung on me randomly. I truthfully find last minute invitations inconvenient and thoughtless. But I acknowledge I’m kind of an extreme introvert. Like, when the internet got to be a thing I was ecstatic, because I could finally curate my interactions with others as much as I felt was necessary.  Left to my own devices, I think interacting with others outside the home would be done maybe once a week. I’m better if I get to hang out with people at home, but I still find it very emotionally draining when it goes on for hours.

Anyway I got dragged out. Latte made a mixed drink with tequila, which is always a bad sign. Tequila isn’t anyone’s friend, it may say nice things when you’re desperate but it’s just lies. And off we went.

When we got there, I had to park technically illegally, within 30 ft of a stop sign. I know it’s not very enforced, but I always feel anxious when my parking isn’t technically legal. I really hate parallel parking with Latte in the car. When she’s around I want to do it right the first time and not have to re-try since she’s prone to motion sickness and pressure makes me a worse driver.

Anyway, the fact that I could get a ticket or potentially towed was on my mind all night. I would’ve just parked elsewhere except parking is impossible to find around where MtnDew lives. He has no car as he works under a mile away, so it doesn’t bother him. 

When we got in, I learned that my white wine was all gone (probably my fault), and I was given another type of white, which wouldn’t be a bad thing except I said that I didn’t really want to drink. I don’t like drinking around people at all, or drinking that much when I’m alone.

The only reason I’ve ever been drunk has been because I feel awkward and self-conscious in groups and alcohol dulls the senses. When I’m the driver I can’t drink, so last night I couldn’t drink more than one weak drink.  Latte and MtnDew had no such requirements and drank enough to become inebriated (and loud). 

Anyway, talking and chatting was fine. MtnDew and Latte teased me, but I felt like I was being picked on as I was already in a bad mood. Honestly I just wanted to sit and read and let the two of them visit, as they seem to get something out of it that I just don’t.  I tried to chime in appropriately, matching their teasing tone, but I just came off as grumpy. My people skills are lacking, there’s a reason I prefer doing blog posts to podcasts. 

Then they decided to watch Workaholics. I don’t think there’s a show on Earth I hate as much it. It’s best described as the crazy antics of three man-children who face no significant consequences (no DUI, no being fired, etc). They drink and get high constantly and are less mature than most highschoolers I’ve known. Work ethic is non existent and none of them have any redeeming features. It’d be funny as a skit or something, but at a show with multiple episodes it’s just obnoxious.  

So basically I hung out with drunk people while parked illegally watching I show I hate and was called grumpy for not being happy. Ugh.


I hope for a restful night tonight. Reading, tinkering with the old laptop, and sleeping please.


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2 Responses to My Evening (A Rant)

  1. Lindsay says:

    Fellow introvert here (INFJ) and I totally get the exhaustion that comes from hanging out with people for hours on end. Finding someone to date who ‘gets’ that and doesn’t take offense to my deep need for alone time is…challenging.

    Sounds like you do a lot around there! Do you have help with the household chores, at least, from the roommate and Latte?

    • DeCaf says:

      Latte cleans the floors and sometimes does laundry. I tend to be very active in the morning, and Saturday/Sunday mornings I like to get a lot done. The roommates don’t really do much but keep the upstairs bathroom clean or at least don’t complain about it being dirty 🙂 I never go up there. Most of the time they take care of their own dishes. (Latte hates doing dishes so I try to do them)

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