3 am revisited

So, Latte was up at three AM Saturday morning. I woke up because the dog was making noise, as she needs to join anyone who’s up whenever they are up. I got up and Latte and I had a good talk. I was feeling taken for granted and misunderstood and she didn’t understand that but felt horrible when she realized it. I may sound like Latte’s insensitive sometimes, but she’s really not, she’s a sweetheart. I’m just much more type-A about things like cleaning, etc. Frankly I generally find doing dishes to be calming so it’s not an unfairness that I’m the one who always does them. Latte has professionally had to do dishes a lot so she has negative associations about that particular chore.

Yesterday was a good day except for my backache. Latte gave me a nice long backrub and I felt better for most of the day, but it’s back today. I did laundry, so our bed smells wonderful now. I’m sadly prone to night sweats in the summer that are kind of extreme (I soak through my PJs and soak the sheets), so we do a lot of laundry in the summer. It’s finally to the point where it’s cold enough that I don’t sweat that much. 

I took Puppy to the dog park and she had a great time and was nice and tired when she got home. All and all it’s been a good weekend.


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