So this is the big week, the week where my wife begins therapy and can get her stuff figured out. On the plus side, she sold a print this weekend. On the minus side, she still doesn’t have the prints up for sale on the etsy, which she decided to move her prints to, so… I understand she’s working on a painting and Skyward Sword right now, but I feel like she doesn’t handle the business side well and isn’t willing to at least let me do it. Part of me suspects Adult ADHD, since she can concentrate on some things well but not others, but she doesn’t want to be evaluated and wouldn’t want to medicate to fix it if she was diagnosed.

In amusing news, Latte has started to re-watched The L-Word. That show is so horrible it’s almost good. It’s always interesting hearing her thoughts on characters. She feels that Bette is an inherently selfish person. I find that I enjoy reading recaps of that show more than actually watching it, and am kind of sad that there’s no real examples of healthy relationships in that show.

In other news, Puppy got spoiled this weekend, we bought her an expensive toy and some treats. In other news: buying random animal parts like hooves, is fairly cheap (under $2 per pop)  and great at giving them something to chew on.  Also, everything is better with a smudge of peanut butter! 

I have a wonderful decision to make- I have to decide where to put my extra pay check for next month in my effort to pay down stupid debt. On the one hand, I can not-entirely-comfortably pay off my car. That’d be very nice. On the other hand, I can pay down my credit card.  The credit card obviously has a higher interest rate, but the payments required per month won’t change too much either way and Latte sees available credit as a resource we can use for her art stuff. The car payments are higher, but it’ll be all done in May even without extra payments. 

The idea of paying off debt makes me happy and feel like I can start to relax a bit.


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2 Responses to Contemplations

  1. Lindsay says:

    Good for you for paying down debt. Feels soooo good!

    • DeCaf says:

      It does. Less debt = less stress. Less stress = more happiness. At least that’s the case for us.
      I made about 60% as much as I do now before I went to grad school, but those were generally less stressful times, I think it’s because I have stupid debt and car debt and the like that things are more stressed.

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