Mouse in the House

So, this morning things got off to a bang with me noticing BoyCat was fixating on something just by the bed, it looked odd and BoyCat normally doesn’t fixate on anything that’s not food. So, I had assumed GirlCat must’ve barfed or something, but it didn’t look right, and so I turned on the light…


dead mouse, wet with blood and being eaten by my #1 animal cuddling buddy. 


So this morning’s first actions after getting up included, yelling to Latte to get me something to transport the mouse outside and vigorous hand-scrubbing/floor cleaning. Puppy did not get her walk, but insomniac Latte is very awake now. Because it was found by the bed and GirlCat was fixating on a part of the wall, I’m guessing she found it and killed it (BoyCat has proven himself ineffective at killing mice previously), and brought it into the bedroom as a gift (because cats think that humans are bad at hunting and want to train us the way their Cat Moms trained them), and BoyCat decided it was free food. Yuck! Guess who isn’t allowed to give me kisses tonight? BoyCat!


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4 Responses to Mouse in the House

  1. Lindsay says:

    Ewwwww. Sure beats the alternative, though: an alive mouse running around the house!

    • DeCaf says:

      True! Latte and I were very worried by the mouse, but I’ve come to realize that with three cats and a ferret in the house, any mouse stupid enough to come in isn’t long for this world.

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  3. Scrabble is always bringing mice home. They are seldom for us, though. She tries to sneak them into the bedroom before we notice her, but the catflap beeps when she comes in and we are always suspicious of a quiet cat returning home…

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