Weekend Summary.

Ugh, wordpress ate my post, apparently the save-draft button is occasionally only for decoration.

Sorry for the absence from blogging. This weekend was boring and not very exciting.

– Friday — Watched Fargo and spent time with a very excited MtnDew. He was getting his keys on Saturday and was very anxious to move and get set up. VERY anxious. Like, he didn’t sleep much last week. Also Fargo rocks, Latte and I both agree that we want to be like Margie and Norm and have that kind of easy going but supportive relationship with each other.

– Saturday — Went on errands. Because I had a migraine on Thursday I’ve decided to cut down on chocolate, so I got Chex to cut into my normal Cocoa Pebbles (Gluten free cereal is crazy expensive so I normally just restrict myself to picking a normal cereal that just happens to be gluten-free). Also we hit up Good Will and Latte got stuff for Halloween (sadly I didn’t find any books for future-kid this time). Latte wanted me to go as Marcus Bachmann in a dress, but I vetoed that and announced that I’d go as Grump Cat.

grumpycat  We were going to help MtnDew paint when he got the keys, but that just kept on getting delayed time wise, thanks to a miscommunication. So we stayed in and just hung out with Roommate1, he knows a lot and is nice to talk to.

– Sunday we spent between 9 am and 6 pm moving boxes. My legs were jelly by the end, he moved from a 2nd floor apartment to a 3rd floor condo two blocks away. Also, he has an insane amount of end-tables and the like. I seriously think that Latte and I own fewer things combined than he owns. That being said, his apartment was always magazine-spread gorgeous (think a set from MadMen).

I took Puppy to the dog park during our hour break and spent a good amount of time talking to a mom about her 13 month old and deciding to have a kid and she gave good advice about fertility being a crapshoot.

Also, on Sunday I cleaned my car a bit and found the goal sheets we wrote out when Latte thought we needed couples therapy. Apparently she feels that by wanting a biokid I was rejecting her. I’m not sure how I can address that, as I’m not rejecting her.

She was a ward of the state and in guardianship most of her childhood. Her aunts and uncles were generally unable to take care of her and her brother or were abusive. She doesn’t talk to anyone in her family except for her mother. I don’t think there’s a nice way for me to say “by taking in a foster child and adopting them you can’t save your past self and what would’ve been good for your past self may not be good for another child.”


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