We’re still recovering from the move. I felt sore but okay when I woke up, until I tried to stand up. Let’s just say I’ve been walking funny today. I can stretch and touch my toes, but the prospect of stairs scares me (sorry to MtnDew who invited us over this evening, it’s not going to happen). Latte wasn’t in much better shape than me, when we both got up, we looked at each other as if asking “can YOU walk the dog this morning?” Puppy was put in the backyard, neither of us were up for it.

Part of this makes me worry, if I’m wrecked over helping a friend move, how can I be confident I could carry, much less parent. I know kids can be very clingy, I have memories of myself wanting to be carried when I was too old for it. 

Not to mention we need to finish getting to a place where we can afford a kid. I’m thinking of joining a Lean-In group locally. I figure it can’t hurt, especially since office politics is confusing to me. 

In other news Latte and I have been randomly talking on and off about what choices we would want to make regarding a kid. I’m trying to gently and occasionally say why I’m not sure if a foster-kid would be a good match for us if both of us want a career. The more I read about the foster system the most I believe it to operating very against how Latte feels it should. Latte grew up to have parents who found themselves unable to care for her (her father died, her mother was and is severely disabled) and she ended up in guardianship of relatives who she felt would be unfit, but who CPS had no issues with. Latte as against kinship care in all but exceptional cases, and is doubtful that parents should ever be given custody back. I understand where she is coming from, but it’s a system that can’t be perfect and while she is someone who is okay with basically cutting out her family entirely (save her mother), most people wouldn’t want that. My own parents weren’t great, but I do talk to them on occasion and generally wish them well. I just wish they had known about how children/teens work.


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2 Responses to Recovering

  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh, I’d be sore moving and carrying boxes for hours on end. And I have a baby who loves to be held lots and lots. That’s what Ergos and other carriers are for! 😉 You can do it!

    What does this “lean in” business mean, anyway? I think I need to do some reading before I head back into the office world.

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