Tea and Halloween

If anyone ever wants a tea that smells and tastes like Sprite (minus the carbonation) try Good Earth’s Citrus Kiss (decaf, of course).

The Pumpkin Carving event went alright. Latte kind of had a freak out that nobody would come, so I ended up guilting MtnDew into making sure it would happen. (My legs still haven’t recovered from helping him move, but he doesn’t know that.)

MtnDew signed for his condo yesterday, and kind of drank way too much.

Anyway we now have five pumpkins that are varying levels of well done (sadly my Death Star pumpkin turned out looking more like a Pokeball than anything cool).

Happy Halloween everyone!

PS – I think I’m utterly unable to keep to one subject during a post.

PPS- My mom sent me some of my baby pics, Latte says I was an adorable baby. (also, I apparently rocked a mullet as a toddler, who knew?)


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