Weekend summary 2

So, this weekend was good for Latte and myself. We relaxed with friends on Saturday, reconnected a bit. We had a relaxing Sunday that included Dynasty Warriors 2. The game is as fun as I remember it being back when I was in college (which is to say, fun as long as I’m not looking for anything to make me think). I ended up with over 400 kills before I forgot to watch my own life and died during the Yellow Turban Rebellion section.

Latte and I had a really good talk after that. We talked about ourselves and her fears. She apparently reacts to fear with anger more than she’d like to (which I don’t really understand, frustration is my trigger for anger), and it makes her worry she’d be a bad parent. She grew up with to a lot of her cousins and ended up being the go-to free babysitter. As you can image, she wasn’t very well equipped to be a caretaker then (her father died very young, her mother wasn’t able to care for her due to severe mental illness and many long hospitalizations). She says most of what she regrets was yelling at the younger ones, but she didn’t commit to much.

I encouraged her to talk about it with her shrink and told her that I was on her side and that frankly she wasn’t at a place then were she should have had that much responsibility. I definitely don’t want her to parent if she doesn’t feel confident. Another good thing we talked about was that special needs might be too much for us, I pointed out that while dealing with a baby is hard, dealing with an infant who cries for hours because they’re going through withdrawal taxes even the most patient parents. 

I’m really encouraged that we’re talking about our issues now. All parents have some issues and it’s best if they’re worked through before children make their appearance. 

In other news Puppy was a very bad puppy this weekend. I have a bruise from where she bit my arm when I tried to remove her from the dog park. Ouch. Normally she doesn’t bite, she’s been kind of going through a butt-hole phase. She’s also been trying to bite the couch. I can’t figure out how to keep her from doing it. She *likes* the bitter apple stuff.


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5 Responses to Weekend summary 2

  1. Emz says:

    Happy for you that your talking more 🙂

    • DeCaf says:

      Yeah, I’m happy too. Latte and I both came from abusive homes, so parenting is by default going to be a bit harder for us as we learned a lot of bad things when we were growing up. I’m a lot more at peace with my upbringing than Latte is.

      • Emz says:

        I’m sorry you both had a difficult start. If you are already considering the consequence of your upbringing and affect it may have on your future kids I’ sure you’ll make great parents.

        • DeCaf says:

          It’ll work out, but these are conversations that are best for many couples to have before reproducing. I was hoping we’d be able to have them soon.., so yeay!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Sounds like you two have a really great open channel for communication. And ouch! Hope your Puppy bite feels better soon.

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