Baby Mama Drama

So, I’m not sure who remembers BabyMama from here and here.  Anyway, as you may remember, she has one disabled son who has pretty severe autism, cheated on her husband recently, doesn’t get along with him very well and hasn’t for years, and they’re poor enough that the poor boy sometimes has to hang out in wet diapers because his parents can’t easily afford as many as he goes through (they are working on potty training or something I think). They have a lot of lifestyle illnesses (joint problems from driving everywhere/weight, etc). Their house is owned by her father, and they receive benefits to cover their expenses, although both of them work, but are both very underemployed and don’t see the point in trying harder.

So last night,  I was checking facebook and apparently she’s pregnant.

Anyway, guess whose posts I just blocked on facebook?


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4 Responses to Baby Mama Drama

  1. Lindsay says:

    Ugh!! Why don’t they use cloth instead of keeping their child in filthy diapers? So frustrating to watch this happen, I am sure. 😦

    • DeCaf says:

      These are people who drive their kid the block and a half it takes to get to preschool/kindergarten; I’m guessing the prospect of doing extra laundry would deter them.
      I completely agree they should’ve done that from day 1. They’re poor, but they’re rural poor, so they have access to their own laundry facilities in-home. I’ll be sure to get them some if I go to a baby shower for them (they live in a different state).

      • Becca says:

        Sounds like a lot of complex issues stacked up. Being in rural area I’m guessing there are few supports and services available to them, but sounds like they would benefit from behavioral intervention/supports or at least a case worker. This reminds me somewhat of someone I know, but luckily the kid’s school is super involved and has helped the family get some degree of intervention involved at home. Hopefully, this boy’s school will offer support or referrals at some point b/c I’m sure they’ll see behaviors at school if home is so dysfunctional. (Sorry, I just can’t divorce myself from being a social worker in my comments lol).

        • DeCaf says:

          It’s good information. I know their son has qualified for early intervention for his autism (it got him into preschool early so he could work on his social skills), but I’m not sure if they have a case worker.
          Social workers are amazing, one of my roommates is in graduate school to become one, he knows all kinds of useful information.

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