Great News!

I’m definitely going to have the car paid off this month/next month. This will also decrease the amount of insurance we need to buy. Collision insurance is kind of a luxury when you’re driving an old car (well 2006), and basically pointless when the deductible is 2k, unless you’re planning on totally it. 

I’ve decided instead of taking up knitting, I’m going to refinish the stairs and the upstairs landing this winter. As I mentioned elsewhere, our house is old. The stairs and upstairs landing had carpet on them when we bought the house. Latte, for reasons I don’t fully comprehend, found the carpet offensive and insisted on removing it basically right away. We put on some anti-slip things, and Latte eventually painted it, but the paint is quite understandably wearing (as it was wall paint, not epoxy or anything terribly durable). I want to strip the paint and refinish the wood. I’d like to use coaster pads for anti-slipping. This is mostly what Latte wants as well. 

Getting the house in order is definitely on our to-do list, and this’ll help it. Also, the woodwork on the railings is gorgeous, so it’ll be fun.

If I get that done before spring, I may take on the bathroom-of-doom. I’m not sure if I’ve posted about it before, it’s basically a renovation gone wrong. We tried to convert a very oddly shaped bedroom into a bathroom. The plumbers did their bits the worst way possible, so its layout is ugly and there’s a ton of wasted space. Maybe we should add a wall and make a random storage space? 

I should really get pictures…


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One Response to Great News!

  1. Lindsay says:

    That is so awesome about the car! Kudos to you!

    I’m also thinking about taking up knitting. I know how to do rudimentary knitting, but I get frustrated easily when I make mistakes, and throw my projects to the wayside.

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