Tonight I’m having a nice date night with Latte. We may go to eat out. Or not. But we will go see Blue is the Warmest Color. It’s playing at our nearest theater, and why not? I don’t think we’ve gone out to see a movie together this year (our last movie was Django Unchained).  Anyway, apparently the movie has somehow garnered an NC-17 rating, so that’s interesting. It means that it will likely not be very widely released at all. 

This weekend I have a lot I want to get done. I got the go-ahead from Latte regarding my winter project of re-finishing the stairs, so I need to strip them and find a good stain. I need to figure out if the banister will need to be re-stained or if I can get the paint on it off without affecting the current finish. 

Part of me wants to budget a new chandelier for the entry way, the one we have now is very dated, and it’s not from this millennium. I’ve seen some ideas on various crafty blogs I’d like to try. I really should put together a list of things I’ve found useful for home stuff sometime.

Also I really need to remember to take some “before” pictures. 🙂 I have a good feeling about this will turn out. 


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3 Responses to Tonight

  1. butchjax says:

    It apparently has a 7 or 9 minute sex scene. After reading some things about the movie, I’m not so keen on it. My wife will watch it I’m sure. No matter what, enjoy!

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