Not “if” but “when”

I noticed something yesterday. We’re known to something talk about hypothetical future kid(s), we’ve done this throughout our relationship. For a while, when Latte was going through a rough patch, I was sure to always say “if” because I didn’t want her to feel pressured about kids, she likewise used “if”. Yesterday I noticed that these days, she’s consistently using “when” compared to my “if”. 





In other news, I was lazy yesterday (disclaimer: not lazy just too busy) and didn’t do Day 2, but I will do it today (my muscles are still sore, but not as bad). I’m trying to encourage Latte to join me in doing it (she tends to get too wrapped up in her work and forget to move, and she feels bad about how out of shape she is). 


I think I’ve found a GP doctor I like. She’s kind of quiet and doesn’t make me feel particularly judged, which works well with me. She’s in the same provider group as the best psychiatrist I’ve ever had (the one who ever actually helped me when I was a mess in college). I’ve found a couple fertility clinics in our area if we go that route (if we use a known donor, we’ll probably turkey-baster it ourselves for a bit before seeking medical intervention).


The cold snap we’re currently in (in was all of 11F/-12C this morning) is getting old. I’m looking forward to it being in the upper 40s this weekend, so we can take Puppy to the dog park without frostbite. Latte was a champ and took her to the park while MtnDew and I did shopping for about an hour. She was wearing cowboy boots, and her toes got a bit too chilly and took a while to thaw. Good boots are really a dog park must. 


After we got home we cuddled on the couch with Puppy and watched Grey’s Anatomy (we’re just finished season 1). It’s a show that’s horribly unrealistic but amusing to watch. It’ll keep us entertained until our favorite horrible show (Pretty Little Liars) comes back in January. 


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2 Responses to Not “if” but “when”

  1. Emz says:

    Totes love Greys! Unrealistic?! No, I’m sure that kind of crazy stuff happens in the States 🙂

    • DeCaf says:

      I’m pretty sure the human body has the same pathophysiology everywhere though…. Even if our hospitals are staffed with doctors who have the gossip habits of jr high kids and the libidos high schoolers assume all adults have. Although I have heard something about doctors having a higher infidelity rate…

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