Day 2 completed

So last night I was a champ and knocked out day 2 of the 30 day shred. Disclaimer: This day I did not use weights, I just focused on getting through the exercises. I do better on the strength training than on the cardio. All and all, I think the stage 1 workout is well paced, it has the harder stuff (at least for me) early on, and as the last thing.

Tonight when I do day 3, I’m going to add weights selectively for some of the exercises. Squats and presses, no weights for now, but the back rows I should be doing with weights. This will be really good. I heard the same trainer does a yoga workout too, I will have to try that one as well – yoga is my relaxation of choice. 🙂

Latte and I have been too busy to talk much lately, we’ve been off doing our own things (dog park, working on house stuff, etc) or with friends so we haven’t had much of a chance to talk amongst ourselves about really anything. We were able to talk about roommates last night, I was in the camp of not wanting to replace them when they move out, she thinks we should. With two roommates our house is full, no room for us to expand our family.

Maybe I just want to rush things too much. I’m looking forward to getting home and hopefully having a good talk with her.


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One Response to Day 2 completed

  1. Lindsay says:

    I did the 30-day shred a few months ago and it really made a difference. you’re inspiring me to do it again!!

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