Going good

So, things are for the most part going good. I did day 3 with weights for some of the strength exercises. I feel like doing Day 4 will definitely happen tonight, and I may do it with weights for all of them. Latte has decided to walk on the treadmill (inclined) wearing a weighted vest while pumping 12 lb dumbbells when I do the 30 day shred. That’s my wife, she doesn’t do anything half-way. 🙂 She always impresses me with her spirit.

Yesterday she was in a bad mood (because she’s too hard on herself) so I dragged her out to the dog park. One of the guys there has become a “talks too much” person towards us. We really don’t need to know all of the gossip going around, or hear about his political dream team for the next election. But Puppy had a good time, about 45 minutes of running around. Tonight when I take her, I’m going to try to stick it out for at least an hr. This morning she started barking at about 5:30 and wouldn’t stop until we got up. With her, behavioral issues tend to resolve themselves when she’s worn out. Or given flavored raw hide that keeps her too busy to misbehave. I’m going to make such a great parent.

The other day, I overheard her talking to MtnDew, and she said “if” regarding a kid again. I should ask her for clarification about the kid thing, but I don’t want to put her on the spot, it’s not good to do that about such a major decision. Also, it is likely it was just because she was talking to MtnDew and he’s a bit leery about the prospect of us reproducing.  He’s afraid we’d get too busy to ever see him or something. Latte is one of his oldest friends who he sees on a regular basis, and Puppy has caused us to be unable to see him as much as we used to (since we have to make sure she gets exercised/socialized and he is unwilling to come visit us and doesn’t like her being in his home). So, saying “if” may have been to calm MtnDew. Who knows.  


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3 Responses to Going good

  1. Lindsay says:

    Yeah you’re probably right. She said “if” to MtnDew just to make him feel “safer”, somehow. Kudos for keepin’ up the 30-day shred. I’m starting tomorrow!

    • DeCaf says:

      🙂 I look forward to having a 30 day shred buddy. How did it go when you did it before? I know it’s supposed to be very effective, but at only a little over 20 minutes it doesn’t seem like it’s enough to do much.

      • Lindsay says:

        I dropped about 7 pounds in the 30 days, and lost a couple inches. I have a crappy diet (lots of cheese and pasta), so if you eat healthy on top of doing it, it works!

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