“I want to raise a kid with you”

Latte said that last night. She told me that when she sees families at Target with preschool-aged children she feels jealous. She said that she wants to teach a kid their multiplication tables. She wants us to go to a meeting in a few months. 

And she said this while crying. My wife is not a two-beer queer, but a two-beer crier. We had a good talk, we were mostly talking about “us” issues and the like (what we liked about each other, etc). Then I asked her where she saw us in five years. That was how the kid came up.

The next step for us is for us to go to meetings, explore our options and talk about what each of us wants us parenting to look like. If we do day care, if we decide to adopt what level of needs we’re able to meet, etc. But it’s good we got here. I wasn’t planning on directly asking her until next July. I know that because I’ve been reading so many blogs about parenting and about different avenues for family creation I’m probably a few months ahead of her. I should probably compile a blog list for her to get a good view of what the various options look like, not just in practice, but in reality.

So this is good. Very good. 


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3 Responses to “I want to raise a kid with you”

  1. Emz says:

    I’m glad your getting on the same page

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