Introducing my vicarious embryo NinjaBaby

I’m not pregnant. I’m no where near pregnant. My wife is opposed to the very idea of me being pregnant (something about pregnant women being horrible to live with, I don’t know). But… my best friend is! I’m going to call her JasmineTea. We met our junior year of high school when her family moved to the great north and she transferred to my school. We’re both hated high school and all of the drama BS.  We kept in touch and visited each other while in college and we were both the maid/matron of honor at each other’s wedding. In short, she’s the sister I never had.

After a few months of radio silence (she has a bouncing baby boy and a five year old who keep her busy), she messaged me on facebook. She’s expecting, but she said she had her period and it wasn’t a light one, but the pregnancy test still is positive. She’s going into the doctor today (crazy Canucks and their health care) to find out what’s going on. She’s really hoping the pregnancy takes and NinjaBaby is a girl. She already has two boys — MonkeyBoy and MellowMikey (yeah his real name is Mike, but it works so well). 

Anyway, this is a story as old as time, I’ve got baby rabies and so my best friend is pregnant, I’m jealous but dealing with it by vicariously living through her experiences and doing things like naming her embryo so I can be happy for her. 


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3 Responses to Introducing my vicarious embryo NinjaBaby

  1. Naming things with fun/odd names can make everything so much better.

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