I didn’t find any books at Good Will, but I did find a high chair — one of those really awesome adjustable one. A new one probably retails for over $200, this one was $15 and looked like it had all of the accessories. It was so hard not to get it. Latte is superstitious. If we have a biokid she wants us to not find out the sex for similar reasons (which I think is silly, but if we go that route I’ll go along with it). 

I was wondering, what superstitions others have?


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2 Responses to Jinxes

  1. Emz says:

    I’m a bit similar to Latte. I wont buy anything baby or maternity related until after thr first trimester. Also the minute I say something never happens, it happens. Eg ‘Mosquitoes. haven’t been biting me recently’- cue mass attack by hive.

  2. X says:

    I didn’t buy anything baby related until I knew I was pregnant and didn’t buy anything directly for the baby until probably almost my third trimester. Partly superstition and partly no desire to have that stuff staring me in the face when I was trying.

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