Update on the FuzzyButts

So the furkids have had a lot going on this weekend.

GirlCat is in love. She is moving a bit fast with her new love. The new love’s name is “The Kitchen Radiator” 🙂 We have an old house that has radiators. 

Puppy has her first cold. 😦 We were really worried when we thought she was dry-heaving every now and again, turns out according to Dr. Google and Nurse Youtube, she is likely just coughing. God bless people who put up videos of their dogs coughing and reverse sneezing, etc. 

BoyCat is still my baby boy who loves me a lot. 🙂


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Just a code monkey.
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One Response to Update on the FuzzyButts

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hope Puppy feels better soon!

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