Sick Puppy

I forgot to send myself a picture of her to add to this post. I’ll try to remember to add it after work. My puppy has an upper respiratory infection. I was in a little late to work because we took her to the vet. She’s lost two whole pounds because she’s not eating as much (she’s a good girl who prefers to graze only as much as she needs), and has been sleeping most of the day away this weekend. Latte was in panic mode and decided it had to be something intestinal, despite a lack of symptoms (Puppy ate our Scrabble wood pieces (some of the letters and the holder-things but that was after she was already sick and tired all day).

Latte’s such a worry wart and mama-bear about the puppy, it’s cute. 🙂 I really need to post more pictures of the fuzzybutts. 

Not much is new on the kid front, although it turns out MtnDew isn’t very supportive, but then again, he doesn’t like change and seems depressed, or at least very negative about most things. I hope he feels better soon. He’s kind of still pining after a guy who is working in Africa for a few months. That guy may  need a blog name, I have no idea what his favorite beverage is, he may have to wait to be named until he comes back. 


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2 Responses to Sick Puppy

  1. Lindsay says:

    Well, pardon me for being a bitch, but I hope MtnDew’s opinion on your future state of parenthood doesn’t weigh much on your minds or hearts. Anyway, once he sees any baby/child, that negativity will likely go out the window, or his friendship will whither away. (It’s happened to me a couple times now!).

    Hope Puppy feels better soon!

    • DeCaf says:

      You’re not being a bitch, he’s a good guy overall but he just doesn’t like the idea that life changes. He stayed in an unhappy relationship for six years until he was dumped because he doesn’t like change.
      He has another friend who has kids, I think he’ll be fine.

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