The Waiting Game

Latte and I now together coo over hulu ads that feature adorable infants. It’s good, but also frustrating, as I feel like we have a bit of work to do, discussing what each of us wants from parenthood and what we’re both willing/not willing to do to achieve it. Now Latte is mentioning private domestic adoption occasionally, which we had previously said wasn’t for us due to ethical problems with it sometimes and the cost. I’d like it if I could just pin her down as to what she wants us to do, and state what I want us to do and find a way to meet as many of our goals as possible, but she wants to wait to have a real talk about it until next Thursday. This was decided a little over two weeks ago, so in a way, this is our first “two-week-wait” 🙂

Next Thursday I’m joining her at the shrink. I need to relax more. Last night I dreamed I was pregnant. My belly was all big and I found myself getting mad/upset over every little thing and felt horrible about it. The really weird part was the fact that I was pregnant with a sow (full grown, not a piglet) and needed to take cl.omid or something so the sow would be extra fertile when born. The weirdest part was that I was most concerned about seeming to be hormonal around others, not that I had a giant pig growing in me.


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4 Responses to The Waiting Game

  1. Molly says:

    Sounds like the dreams I was having after that HCG shot! That was crazy stuff! I remember how hard it was when Catch and I were trying to sort out the baby issue. We were on different pages about timing. I gave her time and she agreed we could move forward, but she wasn’t ever completely on board until things really started happening. She was so excited last month that I was questioning whether she’d been swapped out with her twin in the middle of the night. Latte will get there–just make sure you’re totally open with her about what you want/need from this process. For me, being pregnant is almost as important to me as the end result. We had to have a long talk about what that means for us, and where we draw the line.

    • DeCaf says:

      I never used to want to be pregnant, but after my grandmother passed away, I’ve changed how I feel about the matter. This is hard for Latte, as she sees the unfairness of only one of us being the biological parent. She sees herself in a theoretical unwanted kid, and sees me talking about wanting to carry as a rejection of herself, although it isn’t at all. In short, it’s complicated.

  2. Lindsay says:

    LOL oh, lord. That’s a crazy dream!

  3. haha that’s a pretty hilarious dream

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