The ISTJ, the ENFP, and the Russian

So, it was what neither Latte and I were expecting. He, the shrink (the Russian), mostly summarized the results of Latte (the ENFP) and my personality tests. He brought up things that would likely be issues in a relationship between us, since I (the ISTJ) need more alone time than Latte, and Latte needs more reassurance. 

The only thing about future!kid he touched on was that if input from MtnDew was upsetting Latte, I should explain to him that for the time being Latte and I need to discuss it amongst ourselves without outside input. 

Latte and I both came away mildly disappointed, but he is a middle-aged, presumably straight, man, so he may not feel confident talking about potential parenting issues with a couple of lesbians? I don’t know, parenting seems to have a lot of universal challenges that transcend identity and gender.

I think it might be good if Latte wants to talk about parenting, if we get to the classes sooner rather than later, as based on the descriptions online, it seems to fit what she wants to discuss. 


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2 Responses to The ISTJ, the ENFP, and the Russian

  1. Lindsay says:

    I think you should attend a course like dykes planning tykes (a local lesbian geared parenting planning course) if you have one there.

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