A Few Jumbled Musings…

So, this weekend I talked to my mom. She’s got grandbaby rabies, and is fine with us adopting out of foster care (albeit slightly conflicted). Her attitude is that gay parents are better than no parents. But also, she feels that a foster care child may not be “good enough” or something, I don’t know, she’s racist and ableist — yet a rabid pro-lifer. She’s my mom and I still love her even if I think her head is all jumbled.

Latte said that if I carried, she kind of wouldn’t want me to breastfeed, which I sort of agree with. I work in a male-heavy industry, I’m always going to be the breadwinner, and if I were to carry, I’d like to have many more opportunities to bond with the baby than she’d get if we exclusively breastfed.

I had a migraine yesterday, but my new meds worked wonders. I was able to finish out my workday and not be utterly useless at home. Latte was a sweetie and insisted I not shovel. Also– we got a lot of snow and now it’s too cold for the dog park. Poor puppy. 😦


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2 Responses to A Few Jumbled Musings…

  1. butchjax says:

    Everyone gets the opportunity to bond in different ways. But breastfeeding is very important for the baby’s health. What we’re doing is breastfeeding with pumping. That way I can sleep occasionally, and when I go back to work I’ll continue to pump. My wife worries about nipple confusion, but I figure we’ll try different bottle nipples and see what the kid likes. I don’t want to go to formula any earlier than needed, even though that means I’m hooked up to a machine like a cow. At work they have to provide you a clean place to pump, even in a male dominated industry. And that will save you tons of money to use breast milk as long as you can. It also helps to lose the baby weight. hehe

    If you do end up going formula, can I recommend the best formula out there as far as safety and nutrition? http://www.naturesone.com/dairy/
    We’ll be getting this once we need formula. Reading up on it, they are miles above the others, including the other organics. And I discovered they carry it at our local sprouts, in case you have sprouts in your area.

    Either way, no judgement if you choose something different. Just wanted to provide some alternatives to ponder. Good luck!

    • DeCaf says:

      The last thing either Latte or I want is for one of us to be clearly “the mom” and the other one to be “the awkward extra person” in our family. If I gestate I’ll already be viewed as more “the mom”, nursing would increase that further. Latte would feel like less of a mom.

      Most of what I’ve read is that that long-term there’s not a huge difference between kids who are nursed/formula fed, assuming you’re able to use clean water, etc. If it made a huge difference, we’d feel differently but it really doesn’t once you control for things like class and maternal education/IQ (I’m not going to lose sleep over maybe 2 IQ points). Nursing is cheaper, but I don’t think it’s right for us in our situation.

      We don’t have a Sprouts, but we have a few nearby co-ops that are pretty crunchy.:-) Thanks for the suggestion.

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