So Latte and I had a good talk on Friday night. I’m sorry about the silence and short updates lately, I’ve needed to do some internal processing. I gave her the IRASS and we talked about it and she decided that she’s not okay with the idea of us fostering a kidlet for whom reunification was possible. So, that leaves adoption of an older child whose parental rights have already been terminated, domestic private adoption or something eloquently named “sperm baby” as our options. Oddly she slipped back to talking about adopting a little one out of foster care on Sunday. I really need to keep reminding her that it’s very unlikely that we will be able to get a legally free child under three without major problems out of the foster care system. But at least she’s somewhat thinking about other options.

On the plus side, we talked a bit more about how we’d like to handle a biokid (hospital birth, how much medical intervention, etc). That’s good, I think that decisions are best made when all facets of each option are explored.

Also- it warmed up to 12 or so yesterday so I donned long underwear and took Puppy to the dog park. She had a blast.

PS – Today I start Stage 3 of the thirty day shred. I tried to do it last night but I was too sober it was too late (about 10 pm).  Is it bad that I love working out after about 1/2 a drink? Not enough to be drunk, but with a bit less of an edge.


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4 Responses to Options

  1. Lindsay says:

    Booze makes me lazy and here you are working out after 1/2 a drink. Share your secret with me! 😉

    • DeCaf says:

      The secret is I think “why not?” after about half a drink. Disclaimer: I really like cleaning when I’ve had a few drinks, so YMMV, alcohol and I just have a very odd relationship.

  2. Becca says:

    Have you seen the show Generation Cyro on MTV? My spouse and I watched the first two episodes last week; it’s pretty interesting. It follows a teen who was conceived with donor sperm as she meets up with her donor siblings for the first time and searches for the donor’s identity. It’s so interesting to see the way the different siblings see themselves, their relationships with their bio and non-bio parent and their perspective of having a sperm donor. It has made for an interesting conversation starter for us; maybe it would for you two as well?

    It sounds like both you and Latte are very thoughtful and are taking the time to discuss and research all of your options, best of luck along your journey to parenthood!

    • DeCaf says:

      I think I’ve only ever seen one episode of the Newlyweds on MTV (and that was when my freshman year roommate was watching it). I’ll have to check it out, Latte and I tend to dislike reality TV shows though.

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