So now MtnDew (our BFF) knows. We joked around about him being a donor, but honestly, we’re not comfortable with that (both he and I are a tad more anxious and OCD-ish than average so our kid would have no chance). He seemed overall supportive and has volunteered to babysit but questioned our timing (Latte thinks we should start trying February, I’m going to wait to talk to the doctor (appointment made for Jan 6th), I’d be cool waiting until the fall). He seemed reassured after I pointed out that it would likely not work the first or even second time (so we’d likely be meeting the baby as an independent entity in 2015). 

Latte’s been super cute all weekend, putting her hand in front of my stomach predicting how big I’ll get with a smile.  We’ve agreed on a few rules: 1.) no announcing it to more than one person (sworn to secrecy) each (I need to check with her but I’m guessing blogging doesn’t count as nobody IRL knows about this) until the 3rd month, 2.) no finding out the birth sex. I personally don’t know what the big deal about the second is. My only real thought about finding out the sex is that it will minimize the amount of yellow clothing/etc we’ll get. I tend to hate that color, especially the pale iteration of it.

MtnDew is Latte’s person. I’m not sure who mine is, part of me wants to pick my younger brother, but Latte seems to be uncomfortable with that idea. It’s true that I’m not that close to him now, but I’d like us to be closer and this is a way to help foster that. Latte thinks my best friend from high school would be a better pick. But she already has two kids of her own and the most I ever communicate with her these days is by sending her lives on Candy Crush. I’d like to talk to her more, but she’s always busy.


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