Post 100!

So this is my 100th post. Not much to report. Waiting under a month to see a doctor and then the next month we start trying. I think we’re going to wait until after we’ve talked to the doctor to pick which “swim team” we’re going to use. Latte and I agree on most everything we’d like (“no electrical engineers/business majors”, some amount of musical talent, etc). It doesn’t make sense for me to order anything yet anyway. The cryobank does allow for customer pick up (between certain hours M-F), so we’ll save on shipping. 

The ovulation test was weakly negative today (Latte pronounced this method of testing “complicated” when she tried to interpret the strip this morning). I’m on Cycle Day 12. Given my cycle is normally between 30-35 days I don’t think I should be about to ovulate (the websites I’ve been using have been estimating this cycle I’ll be ovulating on the 27th)? I noticed that my pee was darker than it was yesterday.  I’ll probably make sure to drink a half cup of soy milk or something after my first pee of the day, so it’s not as concentrated.

Although, I’ve heard that apparently cutting out all soy is good for fertility, so now I’m wondering if it’s in my best interest to switch to almond milk in Feb? I don’t want to become one of those crazy people whose life revolves around conceiving. (Also I really hate pineapple.)


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9 Responses to Post 100!

  1. butchjax says:

    I like almond. If you do switch, can I recommend the blue almond brand (I think that’s it), the refrigerated kind? It’s really good for things like settling indigestion as well. I learned about it from a chinese medicine doctor. Works wonders. And if you get the sweetened original it’s quite tasty. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I was vegan for 13 years and now vegetarian for 3, and I’ve never cut out all soy (esp soymilk!)… My fertility issues have a lot more to do with my endometriosis and short luteal phase than my drinking soy milk. And now I’m nearly 14 weeks pregnant after our first successful IVF.

    • DeCaf says:

      Congrats (I’m not sure if I congratulated you before or not)! I’m a pseudo-vegan. I eat meat/eggs on occasion (maybe 1/week), but I generally don’t. Mostly in restaurants and that’s almost entirely because non-meat/egg dishes aren’t very filling.

  3. X says:

    One thought: if you haven’t had any blood testing, you may want to wait to pick a donor. There are some lab results that might force you into one type of donor or another – CMV status, for example, which, if negative, will lead to you being strongly encouraged to chose a negative donor.

    As you use the OPKs, you’ll get to know yourself better (and I might just be lucky) but I’ve never had a problem using pee from almost any point in the day, including second morning pee. I think the line OPKs can be a little misleading until you get used to reading them, so I double up with the pricier smileys when I think I’ve got a positive just to feel double sure (ie: negative cheap one, negative cheap one, negative cheap one, maybe positive cheap one = time to use the smiley). Generally I find I’m pretty spot on, which is nice, but there have been times I haven’t gotten the smiley til the day after I thought I had a positive cheapy.

    Your life probably will revolve around conceiving… and it is hard and awful but also what a lot of people need to do to feel like they’re doing everything they should do. Just make sure to do other things, find distractions, find ways to relax. Best of luck!

    • DeCaf says:

      Thanks! I really enjoy hearing what other people did and what worked. I find it very calming. It gives me an idea of what to expect and what’s normal. I know ever human body is different, but on average people largely tend to be pretty darn similar. 🙂

  4. Becca says:

    I don’t know if soy hurts fertility. I read something that said it does, but I think it would only matter if you were having ovulatory issues. If you ovulate on your own and have consistent cycles it probably won’t make a difference. When you are pregnant in your first trimester however you will want to reduce how much soy you have b/c it can apparently affect urethra development in boys and it will be in the middle of their penis. I’m vegetarian, so I read that in my vegetarian pregnancy book. If you are vegan/veggie predominantly that is actually a really good diet to have for fertility so go you!

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