A positive!

This one is a pretty clear positive. I’d post a picture of it but I’m at work on break and have no camera, but the test line is definitely darker than the control. It’s CD 13 for me so it’d mean I’d be ovulating CD 14-15-ish which doesn’t seem completely unreasonable. Now I kind of want to go pee on other tests (particularly 1st Response) to see if it’s a false positive, since apparently the CVS brand is pretty sensitive and some women (which may or may not include me) have higher baseline LH that can lead to false positives.


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One Response to A positive!

  1. I recommend buying Clearblue Digital OPK test kits on Amazon, the month supply kit along with Wondofo OPK strips. The Wondofo are cheap enough to use multiple times a day (which I do to catch the surge; morning/afternoon/night), and the Digitaks are great when you “think” your others are positive cause it gives you a clear 😊. Also, I recommend picking your “swim team” sooner than later cause it’s half the stress and takes much longer than you’d think when you really get into it. Good luck on your journey. Seems we are ovulation buddies this month! Thanks for the follow.

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