It couldn’t be that simple.

So, the test Friday was positive, the test Saturday was weakly negative. The test today was pretty positive. So… I don’t think I know anything. It’s too bad, but also good. I had decided to watch CM, since it’s easy enough, and CM was not EWCM at all yesterday. So, yeah. That’s the state of my ovaries. Mysterious.

I got two little golden books yesterday and Shiloh, Number the Stars, and Anne of Green Gables.


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7 Responses to It couldn’t be that simple.

  1. Count the first positive OPK as it and stop testing. I don’t always have egg white either sometimes just watery. Best time to check you CM is after a poop lol cause it’s pushed out by your vaginally muscles. 💪

    • DeCaf says:

      The first one came almost a week before my cycle charting program guessed it would.
      Also, us TTC gals (or at least preparing to TTC) are such a sexy bunch, aren’t we? 🙂

  2. Also,if your temping use fertility friend.

  3. theartist says:

    It’s best to go with 3 signs that line up. Have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? I strongly recommend it. It was the most helpful of everything I read while getting ready for TTC

  4. i had an issue getting a positive line/getting one consistently too. it didn’t make sense for me to go through all the charting/measuring/temping when i wasn’t getting clear answers from the opks. i’m glad i didn’t waste much time on it.

    what they don’t mention is just b/c you have the hormone that tells your body to ovulate (which is what the opk measures) that doesn’t even mean you are actually ovulating….just throwing that out there since we wasted a little bit of time on opk, and turns out my hormones were so fucked from pcos that no matter what the opk said, i prob wasn’t ovulating anyway.

    • DeCaf says:

      The brand I was using is known for false positives according to their reviews online. Also, I think I may have left the stick in the cup too long. I’m going to use a different brand next month.
      I’m not likely to have PCOS. My periods don’t vary very much, but I’ll ask the doctor I’m seeing next week.

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