Making Progress

So, we visited BoyCat at a bit after noon for over an hour. He looked WORLDS better. Despite tubes coming out of him and wearing a cone of shame, he was okay. On an IV with a catheter. His urine wasn’t free of blood but it was A LOT better.  We decided that bringing him home was the best option, since he seemed like he was on the upswing and pet hospitals are crazy expensive. I didn’t make the decision to save money, but because I thought it was best. My BoyCat doesn’t do well with change and new stuff (moves make him go crazy). So they took the catheter and IV out and he was able to pee on his own.

I picked him up in the middle of a snow storm, of course. The extra bill wasn’t too much and we got three medications with needless syringes.  He was pretty quiet but that’s to be expected. When he got home we put him up in the bedroom with his own litter box,  food, and water, so we can monitor his output better.

He proceeded to jump onto my bed and pee all over it. One of his medication relaxes his ureter/bladder/whatever and makes it easier for him to pee. By “easier” I mean, he seems to have little to no control over it. Which pisses him off to no end. Thankfully his pain medication keeps him pretty sedated so he’s okay with it. Smelly, but okay with it.

We figured he’d drink when he was thirsty, which I think was wrong.  We waited for him to regain his appetite, thinking it would come back naturally, but that seems like it was wrong too.

We had got him wet food and put water in a bowl. Now we have the wet food in water and are feeding it to him in the biggest syringe. He was rough this morning, but that could’ve been because we had to induce vomiting. On a related note, why do they formulate medications super densely and give syringes that are 10 times the dose to use? It seems like it’s asking for people who don’t read directions very thoroughly (Latte) to have accidental overdoses (0.1 and 1.0 look similar for dyslexics too).
He’s been tired most of the day so far. I’m feeding/hydrating him with a syringe and pressing on his bladder after placing him in the box to help him express urine. This was totally not the Christmas of dotting on cousins’ kids and catching up with family members I had planned, but getting BoyCat healthy as quickly as possible now is more important, family lets me reschedule seeing them, you can’t reschedule nursing a creature back to health.

So right now, he’s dripping pee, curled up next to me, with food on the outside of his mouth, with his eyes slightly open except for his third eye lid, which always looks creepy. When he’s all better I’ll have a picture for you guys. He’s my baby.


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