After spending all of yesterday (except for a trip to the dog park) syringe feeding BoyCat and pressing on his bladder to force him to express urine, and he’s doing much better for it. He is now alert and responsive (he responds to his name) and is starting to keep himself a little cleaner (cleaning food from his mouth). Yesterday was horrible, easily the worse Christmas ever. I’m really glad that my careful work of keeping him hydrated/fed and passing urine paid off. There are clumps in his box and it looks like he even had a bowel movement. Latte refuses to give him medicine now though, but she’s on Cat-duty 7am-5pm today as I’m the sucker who volunteered to work all holiday-adjacent days this year (well, I want to save up sick days anyway).

We’re discontinuing use of the medication that he was overdosed with yesterday. It’s a muscle relaxant to ease peeing and it’s why he was peeing everywhere yesterday. If he seems to have any trouble peeing today we’ll put him back on it, but I’d like him to have more control over his bladder for many reasons (including our water bill from doing 100 loads of laundry).

Based on my Cat-Mama intuition, I’m guessing he’ll be back to normal by next week. He’s got to begin cleaning all of himself properly and get strong enough to jump first. We have him cornered off in our bedroom at night (as he was lacking in bladder control and we got tired of washing bedding). The dressers that surround him are short enough that a healthy BoyCat can jump up on them, but he hasn’t yet.

Latte loved her Christmas gift (a record player and a single of Life on Mars by David Bowie).  I’m getting a nice dinner tomorrow (when the high is above freezing! I foresee us going to the dog park that day too) as my Christmas gift from Latte.

How was everyone else’s Christmas?


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