I dreamed I was pregnant. It was after our first try. I watched as my body got bigger, and honestly, a bit unrecognizable. It was good except my parents where there (also I jacked up the plumbing in a bathroom faucet that was damaged in a fire). I want to avoid my parents until the kid arrives, I’d rather their negativity not affect me when I have a “passenger.”

We’re not able to start trying until May (money issues b/c of vet bill), but I hope my dream was a sign that my body is very ready to do this. Through my cat’s severe illness, I learned that I am capable of nurturing and have good intuition about about what critters need. This probably sounds horrible, but I see a lot of similarities between pets and infants (although infants need more and grow into intellectually more complex and aware beings).


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One Response to Dream

  1. butchjax says:

    Sounds like a nice dream 🙂

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