Some stupid questions:

This is probably a very stupid question: What counts as AF versus spotting? I tend to count my AF as the first heavy day I have, and spotting is anything that is so slight I could go for over a day without changing lady supplies. It’s not unusual for me to spot for 3-4 days before AF. I should probably ask the doctor about it, but I’m assuming it’s nothing I should worry about?

AF may be a bit early this month. Based on fertility friend and the timing the 2nd ovulation positive was probably correct. My Wondfo ovulation testing strips came in last night (it’s weird having pregnancy tests in the house but they costed the same as the pack w/o the pregnancy tests, so I figured, why not?) so next cycle I will be very diligent in my testing. 


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8 Responses to Some stupid questions:

  1. AF is a full flow of red blood, it doesn’t have to be heavy. Spotting is like streaks of brown or pink blood, like you’d use a panty liner for versus a pad.

  2. butchjax says:

    I was told at gyno that the first day you see blood is day one. I don’t like that definition. Lol

  3. mamaetmaman says:

    Even Dr.Google doesn’t have a clear answer for this! I usually gauge it by the level of mess it leaves in my under clothing. If it requires a pad, I call it a period. DW gets spotting often, which only requires a panty liner, as there is no drippage involved.

    • DeCaf says:

      That’s what I go by for the most part. I probably overestimate how long my periods lasts, as I have stricter criteria for it ending than for spotting. IDK. I’ll ask the Dr on Monday, hopefully she’ll have the answer Google lacks.

  4. Molly says:

    I base cd 1 off of my first day of bright red versus lighter punk or brownish. Sometimes I spot for a day before I start and sometimes I don’t. Definitely a good conversation to have with your dr though.

  5. Different clinics have different rules. Mine said cd 1 is the first day of “true, red flow.” Spotting can be normal, but you might think about asking your doctor to evaluate you for polyps, which can interfere with implantation. They are not a big deal to get out, if you turn out to have any.

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