So I had to do something I haven’t done in years. I got a pap smear. I hated it. The doctor was nice enough, he said he’d sign what we wanted (now we need to find the form). I got six things of blood drawn. He didn’t see any need to be concerned about anything. I know where to go if we wanted to ramp up to IUIs. So, it’s all good. I don’t have any new information yet. It’s CD3 for me. I’ll start testing with the OPKs next week at CD10. 

Latte clammed up a bit at the dr’s visit and felt awkward, but then sounded all excited about the prospect of a baby on the ride home. I really want her to feel included in this, as she will be the baby’s mama too. 

The doctor told us some stuff about Effexor possibly causing heart defects in babies. Now we’re mulling over the option of me going off of it for the first trimester. I’m not entirely sold on it, as there’s not a lot of data, and I can become a bit of a basket case of worries when I’m not medicated. Plus my dosage is on the lower end. 


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7 Responses to Doctor

  1. butchjax says:

    Yay! 😀 By the way, I found IUI hurts far more than a pap. So…I really hope you get pregnant at home. lol

  2. Lindsay says:

    One step closer! I hate pap smears, too.

    • DeCaf says:

      I know that 100 pap smears are nothing compared to birth, so I feel like I shouldn’t complain about them.
      So far we look like we’re all set to start in Feb.

  3. I take Lexapro for depression and it is said to be the safest to use while pregnant. Although they tell you to try t I wean off by your second or third trimester so the baby doesn’t become dependent.

    • DeCaf says:

      The doctor I went to was more concerned about it in the first trimester affecting heart development. If I can’t be on it the first or the third trimester, I should probably just quit it for the time being. It’s not an easy medication to start and stop taking.

  4. Jenn says:

    Ugh pap smears :/ I hope your wife feels more included. That must be a really hard situation. And yay at being a little closer!

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